“You’ll never believe what Jeevika does in the latest Agnisakshi 2023 episode…” *Spoiler alert* it involves bringing Supriya home and perhaps a wild tiger. Click to find out more!

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Jeevika decides to choose love over her own happiness

In the latest episode of Agnisakshi, Jeevika, the lead protagonist, has made a significant decision regarding her love life. Here are the updates from the episode:

Jeevika shares her worries with Siddhi
The episode starts with Jeevika hugging her friend Siddhi and expressing her worries. Jeevika feels that something is not right and shares her suspicions with Siddhi.

Satvik plans to punish the guilty
Meanwhile, Satvik tells Rajnandini that he thinks Rao’s fraud and Jeevika’s kidnapping are interrelated. He assures her that he will punish the guilty party.

Jeevika confesses her love for Satvik
Jeevika reveals that she has fallen in love with Satvik, but Satvik already loves Supriya. Siddhi asks Jeevika to keep fighting for her love and not give up.

Jeevika sees Supriya in trouble
Later, Jeevika and Siddhi spot Supriya running away from some goons. The brave Jeevika saves Supriya from the goons and takes her to a safe place.

Satvik reassures Shlok
Shlok confronts Satvik about his feelings for Supriya, and Satvik reassures him that he will not cheat on Jeevika.

Supriya’s past secrets revealed
Supriya confesses to Jeevika that she still loves Satvik, but she was forced to leave him due to her father’s wish. She reveals that her father had fixed her marriage with someone, but when he found out that the man was a bad person, he broke the engagement.

Jeevika decides to unite Supriya and Satvik
Jeevika decides to let go of her love for Satvik and unite him with Supriya. She asks Siddhi to help her in searching for Supriya and bringing her back to Satvik.

In the next episode, we will see how Jeevika’s decision will impact her love life and whether she will be able to unite Supriya and Satvik. Stay tuned for more updates!

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