“You’ll Never Believe What Atharva Reveals About His Accident in Imlie’s Latest Episode… Unless You’re a Mind Reader!”

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Atharva and Rudra Reunite: What Happens Next?

In the latest episode of Imlie, Atharva notices Kairi with Imlie and thinks of getting Kairi out of there before she finds out who he is. However, Rudra makes a surprise appearance and Atharva is shocked to see him. Rudra reveals that Imlie and Devika are waiting for Atharva and urges him to meet them.

However, Atharva is apprehensive at first and says that Rudra completed his family years ago and he doesn’t need him now. Rudra, however, says that he started a family with Chini and Kairi and wants Atharva to be a part of it. Meanwhile, Chini is worried about Atharva and fears he may have gone to Imlie. She tries calling him but he disconnects the call.

As the episode progresses, Atharva tells Rudra that he already has Dhairya and doesn’t need him. However, Rudra reveals that Dhairya got into an accident. Atharva is shocked, thinking that he was responsible for it. Meanwhile, Chini recalls how she saved Atharva’s life by lying to him about Dhairya’s accident.

Kairi and Imlie share a heartwarming moment, with Kairi revealing that she has never celebrated Mother’s Day before and wants to celebrate it with Imlie every year. However, Imlie discovers that she is getting late for her flight and has to leave. Kairi finds Imlie’s locket stuck in her clothes and tries to open it to find out who is the princess aunty’s prince.

In the meantime, Atharva notices the locket stuck in Kairi’s clothes and is shocked to see his photo inside it. He wonders if Imlie also cries for him like he does for her. Dhairya walks up to Imlie and proposes to her with a ring, but she tells him that Atharva doesn’t stay in her heart.

The episode ends with a precap showing Dhairya holding Imlie as she slips, with Atharva noticing the ring in his hand. What happens next? Only time will tell.

Overall, the latest episode of Imlie was full of drama and surprises. We can’t wait to see what happens next. Stay tuned for more updates.

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