“You Won’t Believe Which Actor Actually Said Yes to the Forgotten 8 A.M. Metro – Hint: It’s Not Who You Think!”

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Director Raj Rachakonda reveals how he got lucky with ‘8 A.M. Metro’ casting

The upcoming Hindi film ‘8 A.M. Metro’, directed by Raj Rachakonda, was originally meant to be made in Telugu. However, Raj had to switch to Hindi as no Telugu actors wanted to do the film. The filmmaker was grateful when Gulshan Devaiah agreed to play a part in it.

As a result of this, Raj Rachakonda expressed his gratitude toward Anurag Kashyap for providing support. He also mentioned that he had waited for a year to gain the approval of Gulzar saab for the film.

The film, which features Saiyami Kher in the lead, is a story about two married people who meet on a metro in Hyderabad and develop an unconventional bond. Here are some interesting points and facts about ‘8 A.M. Metro’:

  • No Telugu actor wanted to take on the lead role for the film, necessitating a shift to Hindi.
  • Director Raj Rachakonda described the experience of casting Gulshan Devaiah, the film’s lead actor, as lucky.
  • The film follows the story of two married people who form a bond not quite like love, after meeting on a metro in Hyderabad.
  • Director Raj Rachakonda expressed gratitude to Anurag Kashyap for providing support throughout the film’s journey.
  • Despite wanting an OTT release for the film, it will be released in cinemas first before being streamed on OTT platforms.

In conclusion, while ‘8 A.M. Metro’ has been a long time coming, it promises to be a unique and emotional film about unconventional bonds. Fans of independent cinema will surely be excited to see what Raj Rachakonda has crafted from this interesting premise.

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