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Star Jalsha’s Ekka Dokka faces criticism for lack of plot and twists

Lack of story and twists in Ekka Dokka

Star Jalsha’s popular television drama series Ekka Dokka has been receiving criticism from viewers for its lack of plot and twists. It seems that from the beginning of the series until now, the only story that has been told is about how Pokhraj’s household member Radhika is repeatedly trapped and then rescued in different ways.

Viewers express frustration online

Many viewers have taken to social media to express their frustration about the repetitive nature of the show. One user wrote: “How many times will Radhika be caught by the police and then saved by either Pokhraj or Anirban? Star Jalsha once saved her from jail and now they are saving her from Anirban. This show has no credibility left.”

Another user commented, “Is there no other track left in the show? There is no other story of Radhika and her family except for being caught in various problems. Have the writers run out of ideas?”

Lack of development of characters and themes

Viewers have also pointed out the lack of character development and themes in the show. One user wrote, “What happened to Pokhraj’s family? Why are they not being given any importance? Now even Radhika’s enemies are bigger than her. This show is becoming a circus!”

Another user sarcastically commented that watching the show requires taking a dose of worm tablets beforehand. It seems that viewers are losing patience with the repetitive nature of the show and the lack of character development and themes.

In conclusion, the lack of plot and twists, as well as the lack of character development and themes, has put Star Jalsha’s Ekka Dokka under scrutiny. Viewers are expressing frustration and disappointment, and it remains to be seen whether the show will address these concerns and improve its quality in the future.

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