“You won’t BELIEVE what Vicky Kaushal has to say about being BLOCKED by Salman Khan’s security!”

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Vicky Kaushal Reacts to Viral Video of Alleged Altercation with Salman Khan’s Security Team

Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal recently addressed a viral video that captured the attention of social media. The clip seemingly showed Kaushal being pushed by Salman Khan’s security team when he tried to greet the superstar at the 2023 IIFA Awards and Weekend event. However, Kaushal has now come forward to clarify the situation and put a stop to the speculation.

Sometimes Things Aren’t How They Seem in a Video

Kaushal spoke out about the incident, saying, “Kayi baar bahut baatein badh jaati hain. There is this unnecessary chatter about things. And things aren’t how they seem in a video. There’s no point in talking about that.” He added that sometimes situations are blown out of proportion, and it’s essential not to believe everything seen in a video.

Salman Khan Puts an End to All Speculation

Despite the initial confusion, Khan walked up to Kaushal later at the IIFA green carpet and hugged him. The warm gesture seemed to put an end to all speculation, proving that there was no bad blood between the actors.

Kaushal to Host IIFA Awards with Abhishek Bachchan

On Saturday, Kaushal is set to host the IIFA Awards ceremony alongside fellow actor Abhishek Bachchan. This event will mark the third time the duo has hosted the show together, making it a much-anticipated and exciting affair.

Upcoming Film with Sara Ali Khan

Apart from hosting duties, Kaushal is currently promoting his upcoming film, “Zara Hatke Zara Bachke.” In the movie, he will be seen sharing screen space with the stunning Sara Ali Khan. The movie’s theatrical release is scheduled for June 2, making it a highly-awaited romantic-comedy for fans.

In conclusion, sometimes, social media videos don’t depict the whole story. In the case of Vicky Kaushal’s altercation with Salman Khan’s security team, he clarified the situation, proving that things aren’t always as they seem. Additionally, Salman Khan’s warm gesture at the IIFA event puts an end to all speculation and reaffirms the strong bond between the two actors. Fans eagerly await Kaushal’s upcoming project with Sara Ali Khan and his hosting of the IIFA Awards ceremony.

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