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Scam 1992 Star, Pratik Gandhi Reveals His Tea Preferences and Memories

Tea has been an integral part of Indian culture for centuries. It has not only been a beverage but also a promoter of culture, a symbol of hospitality, and a very personal affair for many. On International Tea Day, Pratik Gandhi, the lead actor of the highly acclaimed web series Scam 1992: the Harshad Mehta Story, shares his love for tea and his fondest memories associated with it.

On the Kind of Tea He Prefers

As a Gujarati, Pratik Gandhi’s favourite tea is what the world refers to as “typical Gujarati chai”- it must have ginger, ghar ka kuta hua masala, lemongrass and pudina. He doesn’t prefer too much milk in his tea and carries ghar ka masala on sets. According to him, many people think that Gujaratis only add tadka to their tea, but they add much more spices than that.

On His Tea Memories From His Theatre Days

Pratik Gandhi has some fond memories from the days when he was doing theatre in Mumbai. He recalls that cutting chai was a system there, and people would get tea in very small cups at regular intervals. However, it had too much sugar, and it felt like having sugar shots!

On Why Any Conversation About Tea Reminds Him of His Father

The actor lost his father, Jayant Gandhi, who used to prepare tea for him every morning. He fondly remembers his father getting up early to make tea for him before he left for work or theatre rehearsals. According to Pratik, his father’s act of making tea every day for years is a memory that is very close to his heart.

On His Favourite Accompaniments with Chai

Pratik Gandhi enjoys his tea in a corner of the house where some sunlight trickles in an hour before sunset. In the evening, he prefers having something crunchy with tea, such as khakhra, chivda, kurmura, or biscuits. His favourite morning combo is having chai with poha.

On a Fun Memory Associated with Tea

Pratik Gandhi recalled his college days when he stayed at a hostel in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. He used to buy chai for ₹3 and poha for ₹5 at a tapri. After a while, they found out that the seller would empty the jug and prepare fresh tea after 8:30 am. So, if someone arrived there between 8:30 and 8:45 am, he would offer them the tea prepared earlier for free! The actor had many such fun memories associated with tea.


Pratik Gandhi’s love for tea and his memories associated with it reflect how tea has become an emotional aspect of Indian culture. On International Tea Day, let’s raise a cup to our memories and our love for tea!

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