“You won’t believe what Sahiba did to Angad’s business! (Hint: It involves winning a contract)”

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Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th May 2023: Sahiba and Angad’s Rift Over Business

In the recent episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan, Sahiba and Angad’s business disagreement creates more problems in their already strained relationship.

Angad’s Control Over His Room

Angad draws a line of control between his room and tells Sahiba they will not cross each other’s space. Sahiba says it’s a nice idea, in that sense bed belongs to her and he can sleep on the couch. Angad refuses, leading to a tug of war for power.

Sahiba’s Bank Account in Trouble

Sahiba gets a message from the bank that she has only 1500 rs in her bank account. Angad notices and leaves some cash with a message for Sahiba. Sahiba notices the money and thinks he is trying to degrade her.

The Birthday Dilemma

During breakfast, Gurleen tells the family that tomorrow is Angad’s birthday, but the environment at home is very tense. Jasleen joins them for breakfast and creates more drama. Manveer tongue lashes her for trying to ruin Angad’s life with her and her son’s conspiracy. Jasleen walks away acting as hurt.

Sahiba’s Design Talent Revealed

Angad shows some designers to clients, but they ask about Sahiba. Angad says she is busy and suggests they use heavy gold and jewelry on those designs. The clients insist on an affordable jewelry theme with a ‘Meri Bitya/my daughter’ focus. Sahiba enters and describes her father’s words for her and how a father dreams about his daughter’s safe and secure future. She continues to describe how her designs will reach the masses. The clients are impressed and pleased.

The Argument Continues

Angad drags Sahiba to his cabin to argue about business again. Sahiba gives him a befitting reply over his narrow-minded thinking. Their argument continues as Sahiba returns his money, warning him not to check her personal messages.

Precap: Angad’s Sister’s Marriage

Angad suggests that Seerat and Garry get married. Sahiba opposes his idea and says his sister will not pay for his arrogance. Seerat seeks a promise from Angad to support her whenever she is in need.

In the next episode, we might see more of Sahiba and Angad’s drama, including how they manage to resolve their differences, or not. Keep watching Teri Meri Doriyaan for more.

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