“You won’t believe what Priya did to get Amba out of jail in ‘Na Umar Ki Seema Ho’ – Hint: It involves a magic trick and a unicorn!”

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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 19th May 2023 Written Episode: Vidhi Receives a Court Notice for Unpaid Taxes

Vidhi receives a court notice informing her that the taxes for Balghar have not been paid for the past few months. If left unpaid for another three days, her home will be sealed. She signs the paper while crying, not wanting to hurt anyone by revealing the news. This leads her to think of ways to bring in funds to pay the taxes.

Priya and Yogesh discuss their plans and their concerns regarding their trusted friend Amba, who has refused Priya’s offer to bail her out. Priya is worried Amba will betray her now that she has given her the power of attorney, but Yogesh assures her that she is still the owner of the house. He promises to tell Amba about his plan once Raichand Mansion is sold.

Vidhi turns to Milapni Devi frame and prays for a solution. She then calls Virup, hoping he can help her in some way.

Some key points from the episode:

  • Vidhi receives a court notice for unpaid taxes on Balghar.
  • If she doesn’t pay the taxes within three days, her home will be sealed.
  • Vidhi signs the paper and decides not to tell anyone, not wanting to hurt them.
  • Priya and Yogesh discuss their concerns about Amba and their plans moving forward.
  • Vidhi prays and calls Virup for help.

This episode keeps the tension high as Vidhi faces a daunting threat to her home, and Priya and Yogesh deal with their own worries. The audience will be on the edge of their seats, wondering how everything will play out.

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