“You won’t believe what potty-mouthed Kabir does in Main Hoon Aparajita’s latest episode to save Disha’s life. We’re shook!”

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Disha falls sick at her wedding, protestors create chaos outside hospital

Scene 1

Disha suddenly faints, prompting guests to suggest that her marriage may not end well. A doctor is called, who diagnoses her as poisoned and in urgent need of anti-venom injection. However, the hospital is out of stock, and her father, Akshay, must venture into a group of protestors to get the medicine.

Scene 2

As Disha’s condition worsens, her mother Aparajita suspects foul play and realizes that Kalpana, the bride’s aunt, may have put Disha’s life in danger. Though Akshay and his daughter’s sister, Chhavi, eventually secure the necessary injection, tension continues to mount as Disha’s condition remains uncertain.

  • Disha faints at her wedding after her hand begins burning.
  • Guests suggest that Disha may bring bad luck to her marriage.
  • Doctors diagnose Disha as poisoned and in need of anti-venom injection.
  • The hospital is out of stock of the necessary injection.
  • Akshay and Chhavi brave a group of angry protestors to secure the injection.
  • Aparajita becomes suspicious of Kalpana’s motives.
  • Disha’s condition remains uncertain.

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