“You won’t believe what Kailash Kher said when the event organisers cut his performance short! (Hint: it involves ‘tameez’ and ‘hoshiyari’)”

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Singer Kailash Kher Loses His Cool Due to Mismanagement at Lucknow University Event

At a recent event at BBD University in Lucknow, singer Kailash Kher lost his cool when his live stage performance was allegedly cut short due to mismanagement. In viral videos of the incident, Kher can be seen giving an earful to the event organisers, telling them to learn some manners and actions, and that they do not know how to do their job.

Kher’s Frustration with the Organisers

According to reports, Kailash Kher’s live stage performance was cut short, causing the singer to become frustrated with the organisers. In viral videos of the incident, Kher can be heard lashing out at the organisers for their mismanagement and lack of manners.

Kher told the organisers that he was made to wait for an hour, and if their own people would not respect and understand the significance of the event, how can people from abroad be happy? He further stated that if such disorganised events continue, things will continue to go wrong.

Kher’s Message to the Organisers

Kailash Kher tried to knock some sense into the organisers, telling them to see that someone was so mad about performing and that there was no need to hustle with him. He also said he was gasping for breath but still singing and dancing because he lives for his country and would die for his country.

In another video, Kher was heard telling the authorities that he should be given at least 1-1.5 hours on stage once called to perform. He emphasised that if the organisers take care of things, such disorganisation would not happen.


Kailash Kher’s outburst highlights the significance of planning and executing events. Mismanagement can cause frustration to artists, organisers and the audience alike and, regardless of how talented the artists are, mismanagement can negatively impact the event. The event hosts should focus on ensuring a smooth and successful performance for everyone involved.

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