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Pooja asks for freedom from her marriage with Dhruv


Pooja and Dhruv had been married for a week and were out for dinner one night when Dhruv noticed that something was not right with Pooja. He probed and eventually Pooja confessed that she needed some time. The next day, Dhruv found some old photos in Kabir’s room that shook him to his core. He confronted Pooja about her feelings for Kabir and what ensued left Dhruv shocked.

Pooja asks for freedom:

After much discussion, Pooja asked Dhruv for a favor. She revealed that she had married Dhruv to fulfill a promise, but now she needed to be free. Dhruv, understandingly, agreed to begin the procedure for divorce. Pooja also requested that he promise to never tell Kabir the truth about their marriage and separation.

Moving on:

With her promise from Dhruv secured, Pooja decided to leave the city and start afresh. Although Suman, Dhruv’s mother, offered their home and suggested that Pooja and Kabir could get married and live together, Pooja declined. She wanted to leave everything behind and start anew.


Pooja’s situation serves as a reminder that sometimes we need to take difficult steps to achieve happiness. We must understand that everyone has their own story and struggles, and we should respect their choices.

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