“You won’t believe what Hasmukh did when he finally confronted Anuj…hint: it involves a marching band and a pet llama!”

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Maaya Fails to Erase Anupama’s Memories from Anuj’s Heart

In the recent episode of Anupama aired on 20th May 2023, Maaya tries to convince Anuj to shift to Kapadia house to eliminate Anupama’s memories from his heart and replace them with their own. However, Anuj is reluctant and declines her proposal. The episode unfolds several intriguing events, including:

Hasmukh Confronts Anuj

While Maaya is talking to Anuj, Hasmukh interrupts their conversation and asks Anuj if he is fine. Anuj nods in affirmation, but Hasmukh insists on speaking to him. An anxious Anuj tells Hasmukh that he doesn’t have anything to say. However, Hasmukh questions him about his relationship with Maaya and the meaning behind her sitting for pooja with him and making decisions on his behalf. Anuj avoids answering, and Hasmukh walks away, leaving Anupama shocked.

Leela’s Disapproval

Leela, who is not pleased with Anupama’s decision to bring in Bhairavi, thinks that Anupama brings in helpless girls unnecessarily. She orders Maaya to grind haldi finely and warns her not to show any attitude as she is from the girl’s side. Anupama silently witnesses Maaya’s gritting and grinding.

Vanraj’s Jealousy

Vanraj notices Anuj walking behind Anupama and feels jealous, leading to tension between them. However, Anuj eventually reaches out to Anupama and tells her that he is happy that she is going to America and fulfilling her dream. As they converse, Maaya searches for them anxiously.

Anuj and Anupama’s Emotional Hug

As Anuj is about to tell Anupama something, Maaya interrupts their conversation, pretending to have an anxiety attack and taking him outside. In a thrilling precap, Anupama meets Anuj in a market, asking him about what he wanted to say. He then describes what happened after he left Mumbai to meet him, and they both embrace each other in an emotional hug.

As the storyline progresses, it’s evident that Maaya’s attempts to wipe out Anupama’s memories from Anuj’s heart have not succeeded entirely. Whether they eventually succeed or not remains to be seen in the upcoming episodes.

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