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Meet Donates Blood to Help Chiku: Written Episode Update

Chiku’s Condition and Meet’s Donation

In the latest episode of “Meet”, Chiku is hospitalized and Meet donates blood to help save his life. Meet lies beside Chiku on another bed and watches as Lady and Man look on from outside the room.

  • Chiku was about to die, but Meet’s blood donation has saved his life.
  • Kanika, who is concerned about Chiku’s condition, asks Lady why they waited for Meet’s help and tells them to go and kill him.
  • Lady and her man plan to kill Chiku while Meet is sleeping and keep a lookout for any possible intruders.

Sumeet’s Prayer and Sarkar’s Anger

Sumeet is praying for Chiku’s recovery and urges God to save him. However, Sarkar, who is standing behind Sumeet and watches her cover the diya, does not believe that her prayer will come true.

  • Sarkar accuses Sumeet’s family of stealing their child from them and does not want to see Chiku recover.
  • Sumeet is saddened by Sarkar’s behavior and tries to apply ointment to his burns.
  • Sarkar questions why an orphan child like Meet would have a gold locket.

Meet and Sarkar Confrontation

Meet encounters Lady in the hospital trying to put a pillow on Chiku’s face but stops her in time. Meet asks why she is there, and Lady lies by thanking Meet for saving her child’s life.

  • Meet and Sarkar argue about Chiku’s locket and try to take it away from each other.
  • Sarkar accuses Meet of stealing Chiku’s locket and is angry with Sumeet’s mother for not telling the truth.
  • Sumeet is shocked to hear that Meet donated blood for a stranger and is ridiculed by Gunwanti.

Chiku’s Recovery and Meet’s Goodbye

Chiku wakes up, and Lady and Man visit him, but they are in a hurry to leave the hospital. They thank Meet for helping them and say they have to leave soon due to a big accident. Meet gives a goodbye kiss to Chiku, and Man accidentally puts the phone on speaker when Kanika calls.

  • Kanika overhears the DNA report conversation, which confirms that Chiku’s parents are Lady and Man.
  • Meet is uncertain about the results and feels that his heart cannot accept it.
  • Sumeet invites Chiku to her birthday party, but Gunwanti questions their relationship, causing an argument between them.

Meet’s Discovery and Pre-cap

Meet receives a call from Sumeet and plans to bring Chiku to her birthday party. However, he overhears Man’s phone conversation with Kanika, revealing that they plan to sell Chiku for money.

  • The police take Lady and Man into custody, and Meet discovers that someone powerful is behind the scheme.
  • Meet investigates further to find out who is behind Chiku’s kidnap and why they would do such a thing.

This episode leaves the audience wondering about the fate of Chiku and Meet’s involvement in uncovering this conspiracy. Stay tuned for the next episode of “Meet” to find out what happens next.

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