“You Won’t Believe What Happened on Faltu: Ayaan Actually Didn’t Do It?! (Sarcasm Intended)”

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Court Frees Ayaan in Forgery Case

Kanika Taunts Faltu About Ruhaan and Shanaya

The latest episode of Faltu airs with Kanika taunting Faltu about Ruhaan and Shanaya, as she says that Tanu and she are going to London after the auction. Dadi joins the conversation and expresses how relieved she is about not having to see their face anymore. Amidst all this chaos, Faltu reveals that Ruhaan has already bought the business and shows concern for Shanaya’s well-being.

Ayaan’s Family Worries for Him

Everyone in Ayaan’s family worries about his well-being as they try to gather proof before the hearing. Janardhan reveals that they are trying to find evidence to support Ayaan’s innocence. Savita expresses her desire to have her son back, and Harsh suggests that they shift from their current place once Ayaan returns home.

Faltu Refuses Tanu’s Offer of Help

Tanu stops Faltu and asks her to take her help, saying that everyone has hopes from her. But Faltu refuses and resolves to find proof herself. Meanwhile, Sid overhears Tanu and wonders where she might have hidden the papers.

Ayaan’s Family Goes to Meet Him in Jail

Ayaan’s family goes to meet him in jail, but unfortunately, they have no evidence to save Ayaan. Faltu lights a diya and prays for his release.

Ram Proves Ayaan’s Innocence

Ayaan’s lawyer, Ram, defends him in court. Ram requests the judge to come outside the court, claiming that he can prove Ayaan’s innocence. Everyone follows him, and Faltu arrives in a car with the files that prove Ayaan’s signs are forged.

Ram presents the evidence and reveals that Kanika and Tanu are involved in the forgery case. The judge declares Ayaan innocent, orders the police to find the real culprit, and frees Ayaan from prison.

Precap: Shanaya Offers to Stay With Ayaan’s Family

Faltu brings Ayaan home, and Savita welcomes them with open arms. Shanaya greets them and asks why they are worried. She offers to stay with them for a few days.

In conclusion, the recent episode of Faltu leaves the audience thrilled with Ayaan’s release from prison. The show promises to bring more exciting twists and turns in the upcoming episodes.

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