“You won’t believe what happened at Angad’s Birthday in Teri Meri Doriyaan – 10x more shocking than a unicorn riding a dinosaur!”

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Teri Meri Doriyaan: Angad’s Birthday Brings Back Memories

Family Celebrates Angad’s Birthday

The latest episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan witnessed the celebration of Angad’s birthday. The episode began with Sahiba coming from Angad’s room during breakfast, which caught the attention of Hansraj. He taunted Sahiba and Manveer, which was followed by a discussion about Sahiba’s auspicious day and Angad’s birthday celebrations.

While the family came together to celebrate Angad’s birthday, Jasleen tried to convince him to forgive Garry. However, Angad refused to forgive him.

Seerat and Sahiba Bond Over Art

Angad stopped his car to help Seerat, who was waiting for a bus. He insisted on dropping her to her shop, and she agreed. Sahiba, who was already present at the shop, hugged Seerat and noticed that she seemed sad. Seerat confided in Sahiba about how she is facing humiliation by family and neighbors. Sahiba then taught Seerat how to paint, so that they both could make their parents proud.

Angad’s Birthday Celebrations

Sahiba decorated the house with white flowers, which Manveer was not happy about. Gurleen, on the other hand, praised Sahiba’s decoration. Angad reached the shop, and Garry opened the door. Angad recalled Garry’s betrayal, and Garry pleaded for forgiveness, but Angad called security, and Garry had to leave.

Angad’s Suggestion Creates a Stir

In the precap, Angad suggests that Seerat should marry Garry, which Sahiba opposes, saying that Angad’s sister will not pay for his arrogance. Seerat seeks a promise from Angad to support her whenever she is in need.

Overall, the episode was full of drama, emotions and family bonding, leaving the audience wanting more.

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