“You won’t believe what Dua did after insulting Hina and Haider! The world is in shock on Rabb Se Hai Dua 19th May 2023 Written Episode Update!”

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“Dua and Gazal’s Bitterness Takes a Dark Turn in Rabb Se Hai Dua”

Scene 1: Responsibility and Bitterness

Dua reminds Gazal of her responsibilities as Haider’s wife, including taking care of the family and dealing with Dadi’s taunts. However, Dua’s bitterness towards Gazal surfaces as she wishes for Haider to bring her trouble and for Gazal to experience the pain she went through. Hafeez, Hamida, and others offer prayers and support, while Dadi, Gulaz, and Kaynaat vow revenge against Gazal.

  • Dua assigns Gazal various responsibilities, including taking care of Haider’s sisters
  • Dua expresses her bitterness towards Gazal and wishes for her to suffer
  • The family offers prayers and support for Dua, while others vow revenge against Gazal

Scene 2: Regrets and Revenge

As Dua reflects on her actions and insults towards the family, she falls into despair and self-blame. Dadi consoles her and encourages her to maintain her anger towards Gazal. Meanwhile, Gazal vows to make Dua and her mother pay for the insults.

  • Dua regrets her actions and blames herself
  • Dadi consoles and encourages Dua to maintain her anger towards Gazal
  • Gazal vows revenge against Dua and her mother.

In this intense episode of Rabb Se Hai Dua, the bitterness between Dua and Gazal reaches dark depths as they both vow revenge against each other. As the family offers support to Dua, it remains to be seen how Gazal will exact her revenge in the upcoming episodes.

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