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Pandya Store: Dhara receives a birthday surprise

The latest episode of Pandya Store aired on May 18th, 2023, begins with Dhara crying and praying at the temple. She tells Arushi’s mother that her mother left her, and she hates her for making her birthday a stain on her life. However, she still misses her.

  • Dhara pours her heart out to Arushi’s mother.
  • She collides with her mother, who hides her face from Dhara and quickly leaves.
  • Shiva suggests inviting Arushi and her mom to the party, but Dev disagrees.

Arushi calls Shiva and wishes Dhara a happy birthday from her side. Shiva invites her to visit them and meet his family.

  • Raavi questions Shiva about his fancy clothing and who he is dressing up for.
  • Shivank consoles Raavi, assuring her they will have a happy day.
  • Shweta brings a gift for Dhara and asks Raavi to give it to her from her side.

Rishita teaches dance steps to the kids, including Chiku, who refuses to participate. Dhara comes downstairs, receives a surprise birthday celebration by the Pandya Store family. Dhara gets emotional when they all sing “Yaadon ki baraat” and dance around her.

  • Arushi comes home, and Shiva rushes to welcome her.
  • Dhara recognizes Arushi, and everyone looks on.
  • In the precap, Dhara promises to keep Krish and Prerna’s hope alive by exposing Shweta’s truth.

The episode concludes on an emotional yet happy note, with Dhara feeling appreciated and loved by her Pandya Store family.

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