“You Won’t Believe What Bindiya Did on Suhaagan: Swallowed the Farm Land Papers and Shocked Everyone!”

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Bindiya Runs Away with Important Papers on Suhaagan 20th May 2023 Written Episode

In the latest episode of Suhaagan, Bindiya runs away with important papers, leaving everyone worried. Here’s a quick recap of what happened:

Bhim Sees Bindiya Running

Bhim spots Bindiya sitting on the top of the bus and tries to catch her, but she runs away.

Phoolwati Makes Fun of Bindiya

Phoolwati, Bindiya’s sister-in-law, makes fun of her in front of Amma for fleeing. She insults Bindiya, but Amma defends her daughter.

Payal Eats Candy Floss

Bindiya’s path crosses with Payal’s, and the candy floss falls into Payal’s hands. She eats it happily.

Bansi’s Goons Threaten Madan

Bansi’s goons break into Madan’s house and threaten to harm him and Rekha for not repaying the money they owe.

Bindiya Tears Important Papers

After reaching home, Bindiya tears the important papers and eats them. The buyer is shocked and accuses her of being crazy.

Rekha Ill-Treats Payal

Rekha ill-treats Payal, which makes the latter realize her mistake. She tries to call Bindiya to apologize, but Rekha doesn’t let her.

The episode ends with a cliffhanger, leaving the viewers eager to know what happens next.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Suhaagan.

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