“You WON’T Believe What Ashish Gets Caught For in Maitree’s 2023 Written Episode! (#PlotTwist)”

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Ashish and Harsh’s Fight Disrupts Maitree’s Day

Maitree’s day is disrupted when Ashish and Harsh get into a fight, causing injuries to them both.

Maitree Intervenes

Maitree intervenes and tells Ashish and Harsh to stop fighting like thugs. She asks Harsh to leave and promises to call him later.

Ashish Receives First Aid

Maitree offers Ashish first aid and asks about his age of maturity. Ashish regrets the miscommunication and thinks a long-term partnership with Harsh is not advisable.

Nandish Shows Up

Nandish shows up and confides in Maitree that he is growing restless. Nandini arrives and apologizes for ruining their private meeting.

Neelu and Vasundhara Agree

Neelu explains the reason for her purchase and Vasundhara agrees. Princy urges her parents to put off their wedding until Vasundhara and Nandini’s disagreements are settled.

Ashish Loses Control

Ashish loses control when he sees Harsh acting inappropriately around Maitree. He later finds out Harsh is Maitree’s partner and is not sure who posted the video.

Maitree’s Project Gets Jeopardized

Maitree’s project gets jeopardized when the client sees the popular video and decides not to deal with them. Harsh offers to investigate, but the client values the footage more than their work.

Despite the setback, Maitree acknowledges Harsh’s help and feels they might meet up again in the future.

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