“You Won’t Believe the Incredible Twist in Anupama’s Latest Episode – Good News for Kavya! (Hint: It’s Definitely Not What You Think)”

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Vanraj and Barkha’s Secret Plan

Vanraj and Barkha plot their next move while Kanta walks by. They’re discussing how they need to be careful with their scheme. Meanwhile, Ankush announces Samar and Dimpy’s performance. Samar gets emotional missing Sweety, and Dimpy can’t seem to understand why people cry so often.

  • Samar fights with Pakhi, but loves her more than anything.
  • Anupama cheers Samar up and assures him that good things are coming.
  • Vanraj nods in agreement as they watch the performance.

Anuj and Anupama’s Emotional Performance

As the night progresses, Anuj joins the stage, and they all perform to the song “Humko Maloom Hai Ishq Masoom Hai”. Anuj can’t help but look at Anupama, remembering the events that led to their separation. An invisible wall has been between them, but they break it with great difficulty. Anuj wants to reveal a secret he’s kept hidden in his heart for a month.

  • Anupama asks Anuj to tell her the secret he’s been keeping.
  • Anuj imagines opening up, but reality hits, and he decides to stay quiet.

Kavya’s Big News

Kavya rushes to the bathroom after Vanraj approaches her on stage. Anupama follows her and learns that she’s pregnant! Kavya shares that Vanraj never wanted to have children, and she’s wanted one for as long as she can remember.

  • Anupama suggests Kavya tell Vanraj and asks if she’s had all her tests done.
  • Kavya says she hasn’t told Vanraj as he doesn’t seem to care.

Anuj Apologizes to Anupama

After their conversation, Anupama goes to fix her saree, and Anuj tries to leave. But he stops and diverts Maaya’s attention, allowing him to meet Anupama. Anuj holds her feet and apologizes, and Anupama shares that his love is her right, but he’s given that right to someone else.

  • Anuj finally apologizes to Anupama for past actions.
  • Anupama shares that his love was her right but he missed the chance.

The night ends with a sad undertone, but it’s clear a lot has happened.

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