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Zee Bangla production’s new serial “Fulki” to showcase a story on boxing

Zee Bangla, the popular Bengali language entertainment channel, is all set to bring a new serial called “Fulki”. The show will feature a young actress named Divyani Mandal in the lead role and actor Abhishek Basu as the male lead. The serial will portray the story of a female boxer and her journey towards becoming a successful boxer. Recently, a promo of the show has been released on Zee Bangla.

The story of Rohit and his love for boxing

The serial will have Rohit, played by Abhishek Basu, as the male lead character. He is a passionate boxer, but a tragic incident in his life forces him to give up his love for boxing. As a result, he distances himself from the sport and lives a secluded life. On the other hand, his family wants him to forget about the past and move on in life. His sister and brother-in-law persistently try to make him forget boxing and start a new life.

The entry of Fulki in Rohit’s life

The show takes a different turn when Fulki, portrayed by Divyani Mandal, enters Rohit’s life. She is a young and aspiring female boxer who dreams of becoming a national champion someday. Fulki immediately recognises the potential in Rohit and decides to help him overcome his past and get back into boxing. With Fulki’s determination and support, Rohit gradually rediscover his love for the sport and begins to train again.

Will Rohit become a successful boxer?

The promo of the show gives a sneak peek into the heartwarming story that will unfold in “Fulki”. Rohit and Fulki’s journey towards success and redemption is bound to leave the audience in awe. The show aims to inspire and motivate viewers to pursue their dreams and never give up on their passion.

Final thoughts

Zee Bangla’s new show “Fulki” is a refreshing take on the sport of boxing. With an inspiring storyline and talented actors, the show is expected to captivate the audience’s attention and win their hearts. The audience eagerly awaits the show’s premiere to see the journey of Rohit and Fulki unfold on screen.

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