“You Won’t Believe It: Atharva Misunderstands Imlie AGAIN! (But This Time, It’s Super Original and Not At All Predictable)”

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Imlie Rejects Dhairya’s Proposal and Chooses Atharva in the 21st May 2023 Episode

In the latest episode of Imlie, viewers witnessed a dramatic turn of events where Dhairya proposes to marry Imlie, but she rejects him, stating that Atharva is her true love. Meanwhile, Atharva is shown struggling with his mixed emotions as he learns that Imlie still has a special place in her heart.

Dhairya’s Proposal

Dhairya shares his feelings with Imlie and kneels down to propose to her with a ring. However, Imlie turns him down and admits that she cannot marry him because Atharva is the love of her life.

Atharva’s Heartbreak

Atharva overhears Imlie’s confession and is shattered by the news. He walks away in a daze and drops her locket in the process. Feeling betrayed, he wonders if Imlie ever loved him, to begin with.

Imlie’s Dilemma

Imlie confesses to Dhairya that Atharva is the air she breathes, and she is alive with his memories. She asks Dhairya to give her some time alone to sort out her feelings.

Chini’s Manipulations

Anu calls Chini and advices her to marry Atharva before he returns to Imlie. Chini, feeling happy that Atharva and Kairi chose her, assures Anu that she is already on the right track.

Atharva and Kairi’s Journey

Atharva takes shelter in a hut with Kairi during heavy rain, and Kairi gets scared due to thunderstorms. He soothes her with a song and reminisces about his own pain and heartbreak.

A Shocking Confrontation

Imlie and Atharva’s paths cross again when they both try to save Kairi from a falling tree branch. Imlie is shocked to see Atharva and confronts him about his actions.

As the drama unfolds, viewers wonder if Imlie and Atharva will ever reunite, or if their love story will end in heartbreak. Stay tuned for the next episode to find out!

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