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Sapno Ki Chhalaang Episode Update: Radhika’s Dilemma

In the latest episode of Sapno Ki Chhalaang, Radhika faces a tough decision regarding her career. Let’s take a look at the episode’s highlights.

Upset Radhika

The episode starts with Radhika feeling upset. When asked by Sree about the reason, Radhika reveals that her offsite team outing is in Goa, which her father may not agree to. Sree encourages Radhika to prioritize her job and professionalism over her family’s demands.

Abhishek and Radhika’s Fun Banter

Abhishek meets Radhika and tries to convince her to go to Goa. They engage in a playful yoga session, but things take a funny turn when Abhishek falls and Radhika laughs at him.

Preeti’s Complicated Marriage

Preeti reveals to Radhika and Sree that her marriage is complicated and refuses to share further information. Radhika and Sree decide not to force her.

Priyal’s Ultimatum

Priyal confronts Radhika and gives her an ultimatum – come to Goa or risk losing her job. Radhika worries about the consequences of disobeying her family.


Radhe declares that Radhika won’t go anywhere, despite the risk to her job.

Stay tuned for more updates on Sapno Ki Chhalaang.

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