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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein: Virat Goes Missing as Family Returns Home

The latest written update of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein on 26th May 2023 reveals a shocking twist as Virat goes missing, leaving his family worried.

Chavans Return Home

After attending a family function, the Chavans return home. Mohit is asked to check if Virat is in his room, but he finds that Virat is nowhere to be found. Bhavani blames Satya, who went out with Virat. However, Ashwini defends Satya, stating that blaming her won’t help find Virat.

Sai Reaches Hospital with Satya’s Family

Meanwhile, Sai reaches the hospital with Satya’s family and is shocked to see him in critical condition. The doctor reveals that Satya was brought in severely injured, and his condition is critical. He takes Satya away on a stretcher, leaving Amba devastated. She asks Sai where Virat is, and the update ends with a cliffhanger.

Key Points to Note

  • Virat’s sudden disappearance has left the Chavan family worried.
  • Bhavani blames Satya for Virat’s disappearance, but Ashwini defends her.
  • Satya is critical and has been taken away by the doctor for treatment.
  • Amba is devastated and asks where Virat has gone.
  • The update ends with a cliffhanger, leaving fans wondering about Virat’s whereabouts.

The popular TV show has kept its audiences on the edge of their seats with its gripping storyline. It remains to be seen how the plot unfolds in the upcoming episodes. Stay tuned for more updates on Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein.

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