“Wow, Just Another Love Confession in Junooniyat – How Could We Possibly Resist?”

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Junooniyat 22nd May 2023 Written Episode: Jahaan Confesses Love, Jordan’s Desperation Grows

The latest episode of Junooniyat on 22nd May has left its viewers hooked with more love triangles and heartwarming moments. Read on to catch up on what happened.

Jahaan Confesses His Love for Ilahi

The episode starts with Jahaan seeing Ilahi at the fair, enjoying and dancing. He imagines her but soon realizes she is really there. He asks Ilahi to forgive him and become his friend forever. He even confesses his love for her, and Ilahi responds with the same. They hug amidst the romantic song, Main bhi teri….

Jordan’s Desperation Grows for Ilahi

Meanwhile, Jordan races his car and almost meets with an accident due to his desperation for Ilahi. Mahi scolds him and promises to get him married to her within the next 10 days. Jordan’s love for Ilahi seems to be taking a dangerous turn, and Mahi is determined to fulfill his wishes.

Ilahi and Jahaan are Chosen for the Duet Round

The competition takes a new turn with the announcement of the duet round. Ilahi shares this with Jahaan, who suggests that she can choose anyone she wants, and he wants to be her partner forever. The competition has become a platform for a romantic love triangle.

Precap: Ilahi Slaps Jordan

The episode ends with Jordan seeing Ilahi and confessing his love for her. However, she slaps him, leaving Jahaan to look on. The show is sure to have more twists and turns in the upcoming episodes.

Junooniyat is proving to be an intense rollercoaster of emotions with its love triangle, competition, and desperation for love. Don’t miss out on the next episode to know what happens next!

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