“Wow, Anupama is still alive and kicking in 2023? Find out why she’s still stuck in the same old drama!”

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Anupama 18th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj and Maaya’s Behavior Upset Anupama

Anupama walks into the Shah house after seeing a rude behavior towards her by Anuj and Maaya. However, the Shahs seem to be unaffected and frowning. They were content seeing Anuj with Maaya and Little Anu but Anupama was left sad. The following are some key points from the episode:

Pooja Ceremony Commences

The family gathers for pooja, and Kinjal suggests they start the ceremony, but Leela asks Maaya and Anuj if they’re married yet. Hasmukh intervenes and reiterates that the focus of the day should be on Samar and Dimpy’s day and nothing else should be discussed.

Anupama Feels Left Out

Leela asks Anupama to bring sweets from the temple, but Maaya takes Anupama’s place, making Anupama feel left out. Anuj tries to console Anupama, which only makes things worse.

Kavya’s Kindness

Kavya tries to comfort Anupama and they have a heart to heart. Anupama congratulates Kavya on her modeling success, while Kavya is grateful for Anupama’s progress.

Pakhi’s Outburst

Pakhi panics after seeing Maaya and Barkha’s actions. She blames Little Anu for her insensitive behavior towards Anupama. She also accuses Dimpy of inviting Anuj and Maaya to hurt Anupama’s feelings, which results in a heated argument.

Anuj and Maaya’s Drama

Anuj and Maaya are plotting to have the wedding at the Kapadia house, which makes Anupama recall her past. Barkha suggests that the bidaai should also happen at Kapadia’s house, leading to more chaos.

The episode ends with Anupama sitting alone, recalling the events of the day.

Precap: Leela suggests dividing the wedding functions between Shah and Kapadia house, which creates more confusion for the family.

Written by: MA.

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