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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 24th May 2023 Written Episode: Vidhi Organizes a Charity Event

In this episode of Na Umar Ki Seema Ho, Vidhi takes charge of organizing a charity event for Balghar. Here are the highlights of the episode:

Vidhi Trains the Children for Dance

Vidhi instructs the children to practice dance movements for the event. She wants them to perform their best and make the event successful.

Amba Suspects Yogesh

Amba suspects Yogesh of betrayal and doesn’t want to involve him in the event. However, Priya convinces her to give him another chance.

Vidhi Tries to Save the Event

As the day of the event approaches, Vidhi faces several challenges. She has to deal with missing costumes, last-minute cancellations, and tax notices.

Anirup and Vidhi Organize the Event

Anirup and Vidhi work together to organize the charity event. They make sure that everything is in order, from the performers to the guests.

Dev and Amba Make an Appearance

Dev makes an appearance at the event as a longtime supporter of Balghar. Amba also arrives with Yogesh, and they both express their commitment to the cause.

Vidhi Saves the Day

Despite the challenges, the charity event turns out to be a huge success. Vidhi’s hard work and dedication pay off, and she becomes the star of the day.


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho continues to showcase the power of unity and charity in the face of adversity. Vidhi’s inspiring journey of organizing the event is a testament to the importance of teamwork and perseverance. The viewers are left with a message of hope and positivity.

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