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Parineeti Faces New Challenges

Wedding Bells and Old Wounds

In the latest episode of Parineeti, tensions rise as old wounds are reopened and new conflicts arise.

Gurpreet’s Visit

Gurpreet pays a visit to the house, but her intentions are questioned by Gurinder. Pammi apologizes for her husband’s wrongdoing, but Gurpreet insists on a proper apology from him. The family plans to attend Mohini and Minto’s wedding the next day.

Neeti and Salojna’s Conversation

Neeti confides in her friend Salojna about Rakesh’s behavior towards Parineeti. Salojna suggests gathering proof of an affair between Parineeti and Rakesh. Gurpreet overhears their discussion.

Pari’s Fears

Parineeti expresses her fears to Chandrika about Rakesh’s plans to sabotage her life. Sanju brings her milk to ensure the health of their future child, but Gurpreet watches from a distance.

A Shocking Turn of Events

Sanju Confronts Rakesh

Sanju discovers Rakesh in Parineeti’s room and attacks him. Rakesh claims that Parineeti invited him, but Sanju defends his wife’s honor. Rakesh taunts Neeti about Sanju’s jealousy, but Sanju shuts him down.

As tensions continue to rise, will Parineeti be able to overcome these challenges and find happiness? Tune in to the next episode to find out.

  • Gurpreet’s true intentions are questioned
  • Neeti and Salojna plot against Parineeti
  • Sanju defends Parineeti’s honor against Rakesh’s accusations

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