“Who needs a stable marriage when you can elope with your frenemy? Find out what happens when Bhim whisks Bindiya away in latest Suhaagan episode!”

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Suhaagan 18th May 2023: Will Bhim and Bindiya be able to save Payal?

The latest episode of Suhaagan has left viewers at the edge of their seats. The episode opens with Bhim expressing his concerns about Phoolwati’s behavior to Amma and Bindiya. In a promising turn of events, Bhim vows to take Bindiya to the city to bring Payal back.

Phoolwati’s sinister plan

Phoolwati, on the other hand, has a different agenda. She seeks to separate Bindiya from her mother and obtain her thumb impression on papers. In a shocking twist, Phoolwati plans to forge a letter from Amma to the minister asking him to abandon the construction of a road on her farm.

Bhim and Bindiya’s adventure

Bindiya and Bhim embark on an adventure to find Payal. They encounter various obstacles and distractions along the way. Master ji becomes suspicious of Bindiya’s motives and questions where she’s headed. Bindiya and Bhim continue their journey without arousing suspicion.

Payal’s whereabouts

Payal wakes up in an unknown home and assumes the goons have captured her. Madan reveals that he brought her to his house and advises her to return home. Payal refuses and decides to call her family instead.

Bindiya’s realization

The episode concludes with Bindiya’s realization that they have been duped. After stopping for water at a shop, Bindiya questions the shopkeeper about Tulsipur school and is shocked to learn that they are in Belapur, hours away from their destination.

Will Bhim and Bindiya be able to save Payal? Or will Phoolwati’s plan succeed? Stay tuned to Suhaagan to find out.

  • Bhim vows to bring Payal back to her family
  • Phoolwati seeks to obtain Bindiya’s thumb impression on documents
  • Payal wakes up in an unknown home
  • Bindiya and Bhim encounter obstacles on their journey
  • Bindiya realizes they are nowhere near Tulsipur school.

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