“Who Cares About Another Gold Medal for India? Find Out Why SS Rajamouli and Anupam Kher Are Losing Their Minds Over Prathamesh Samadhan Javkar’s Archery Victory in Shanghai!”

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Archery World Cup 2023: Indian Teen Prathamesh Samadhan Wins Gold in Shanghai

Sub-Heading: Prathamesh Samadhan Upsets World Number 1 Mike Schloesser at Archery World Cup Stage 2 Tournament

The stage 2 of the Archery World Cup 2023 was being held in Shanghai from May 16 onwards, and it concluded today, with a proud moment for India. Nineteen-year-old Prathamesh Samadhan has won Gold for India in a major upset, defeating world number 1 Mike Schloesser in the process.

Support for Prathamesh came pouring in from all corners, with many celebrities extending their congratulations. Director SS Rajamouli, known for his larger-than-life movies that showcase Indian roots and culture, was one of the first people to cheer for the young archer. Rajamouli called Prathamesh a tremendous talent and congratulated him for putting India on the world map in archery.

Other prominent celebrities who congratulated Prathamesh include veteran actor Anupam Kher and singer Guru Randhawa.

Key Points:

  • Indian teenager Prathamesh Samadhan has won Gold for India at the Archery World Cup Stage 2 tournament in Shanghai.
  • Prathamesh defeated world number 1 Mike Schloesser in a major upset.
  • Celebrations poured in from all corners, with celebrities such as SS Rajamouli, Anupam Kher, and Guru Randhawa congratulating the young archer.
  • Rajamouli hailed Prathamesh as a tremendous talent and welcomed the growing nurturance of archery in India.
  • Eighteen-year-old Kaur Avneet Kaur also bagged the bronze medal in women’s event.

The win by Prathamesh is a significant triumph for Indian archery and a testament to the growing talent nurtured in the country. With more such promising youngsters coming up, India could soon become a force to reckon with in the sport of archery.

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