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Are Bollywood actresses at Cannes more concerned about gowns than films?

The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most prestigious international events for filmmakers. However, the media and audiences alike are more interested in the red carpet fashion of celebrities than the films themselves. Bollywood actresses are no exception to this trend, and the recent festival saw various actresses representing India on the red carpet.

Despite receiving much coverage, only one Indian film, Anurag Kashyap’s “Kennedy,” was officially invited to the festival. The rest of the attendees were “hangers-on,” with no invitation to the festival at all. While it is amusing to watch stars making a big deal about walking the red carpet, it requires no invitation, only a fancy gown and designer jewelry. Even your house help can walk the red carpet at Cannes, if they dress accordingly.

Why are Indian media and audiences obsessed with women walking the red carpet, rather than the films themselves? In the last two weeks, all the portals and papers in India focused on the Bollywood actresses who walked the red carpet, their gowns, and accessories. Meanwhile, only one Indian film was competing for any prize at Cannes besides “Kennedy.”

The case of Mallika Sherawat is intriguing. Her career hit rock bottom many years ago, though she was still a frequent guest at Cannes until recently. One could question what the cameras clicked her for on the red carpet; did they even know who she is?

Actor Inaamulhaq shares a hilarious experience at Cannes, where he represented his film “Nakkash.” Though thrilled to be on the red carpet, he was saddened when not a single camera clicked him. He later realized that they only click ladies who walk the red carpet and ask them about their gown, etc., but nothing about their films. He concluded that the red carpet is not about cinema, but about gowns. In hindsight, he wished he had worn a gown too.

The obsession of Bollywood actresses at Cannes with their gowns, accessories, and appearances raises an important question: are they more concerned with fashion than films?

In conclusion, while the red carpet has its importance, it is essential to remember that Cannes is primarily a film festival. What truly matters are the films, and the attention should be focused on them rather than the fashion on the red carpet.

  • Bollywood actresses at Cannes are more focused on their gowns than the films themselves.
  • Only one Indian film, other than “Kennedy,” was competing for a prize at the festival.
  • Mallika Sherawat’s career hit rock bottom years ago, yet she still frequented Cannes until recently.
  • Inaamulhaq was saddened that his film did not receive any attention while he was on the red carpet at Cannes.
  • The obsession of Bollywood actresses with their gowns and accessories raises questions about their priorities.

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