“Uncovered: The Wild and Totally Modest Bollywood Nude Party From The 70s That Everyone’s Talking About!”

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70’s Bollywood Party Resurfaces on the Internet

Photos of a private Bollywood party held in the 70s have recently resurfaced on the internet, causing mixed reactions amongst netizens. The party, attended by notable figures such as Raj Kapoor, Sanjay Khan, and J Om Prakash featured a female stripper.

The Era of Change

The 70s marked a significant change in Bollywood, as it ushered in the era of the ‘angry young man’ generation. From masala to dance numbers, the era gave Bollywood a new direction.

The Human Side of Bollywood Stars

With the advent of social media, people have been given a glimpse into the personal lives of their favorite stars. While they are idolized as almost God-like figures, glimpses at their more human side can often lead to hurt and offense.

Debate on Moral Policing

While some have pointed out that the photos could be edited, many have been quick to call out the stars as perverts. However, some have also defended them, stating that it’s the stripper’s job and as long as no one is getting hurt, it shouldn’t be an issue.

The Amusing Dichotomy of Humankind

In a world where watching porn has become morally acceptable, paying for a stripper at a harmless party is looked down upon. It seems that the moral policing over the internet continues, as people weigh in on what is and isn’t acceptable behavior.


The resurgence of the photos from the 70s Bollywood party has once again shed light on the murky dichotomy that exists in the world of entertainment. While stars are idolized and viewed as almost God-like, their personal lives can often be scandalous and frowned upon, leading to debate and discussions amongst netizens.

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