“Unbelievable! Viaan discovers a new species of alien life form inside his wife’s womb during an ultrasound scan!”

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Amita Feels Uneasy During Pregnancy

Amita shows Viaan her baby’s wardrobe, but he asks if she knows the gender of the baby. Amita doesn’t care and says the baby will wear anything. Suddenly, she starts feeling uneasy and struggles to breathe properly.

Viaan Calls for Help

Viaan calls Keith, but his number is unreachable. He then contacts the gynecologist, but she is in surgery. Finally, he calls Katha for help.

Katha Advises Viaan

Katha advises Viaan to help Amita calm down. She suggests that they elevate her feet, make her take deep breaths, and if everything else fails, they should take her to the hospital. Katha also wonders about Viaan’s life, being engaged in different problems every time.

Viaan Connects with the Baby

Viaan follows Katha’s advice and helps Amita calm down. He even gets a chance to feel the baby kick, introducing himself as a friend of the baby’s parent. Viaan is amazed by the whole experience and starts crying.

Batman’s Exam Stress

Next day, Batman talks to Robin about his stress regarding exams. Robin tells him not to worry and explains that everyone fails sometimes. Katha hears Viaan talking to Aarav about the situation.

Katha’s Friends Suggest a Family Picnic

The Garewals have tea together and discuss Aarav’s stress and Katha’s busy life. Mr. Garewal suggests a family picnic to give Aarav a change after his exams.

Katha Takes Action

Keith calls Viaan for help as Amita’s water breaks while he is stuck in Lonavala. Katha learns about Viaan’s departure and becomes curious about where he’s going.

In summary, Katha’s involvement in her friends’ lives showcases her care and concern for them. She provides advice and support during their difficult times. Meanwhile, Viaan learns to connect with his friend’s baby and understands the importance of being involved in his child’s life. Batman and Aarav’s stress over exams demonstrates the pressure children face in today’s education system.

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