“Unbelievable! Masaba Gupta reveals how cricket anecdotes from her DAD changed her business game forever!”

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Masaba Gupta Shares How She Applies Her Dad Viv Richards’ Cricket Theory in Business

Fashion designer and multifaceted entrepreneur, Masaba Gupta, daughter of legendary cricket icon Sir Viv Richards, shared a clip of her father’s interview on Instagram, where he talks about his aggressive playing style and the importance of hitting the gaps. In the caption of the post, Masaba cheekily asked, “Is it ok that I use the ‘gotta hit the gaps’ theory in running my business? (and in case you’re wondering where the aggression comes from) #iconsonly.”

The Impact of Her Parents on Her Life

Masaba Gupta has often spoken about the impact of her parents, Neena Gupta and Viv Richards on her life and career. She credits them for the tenacity and drive that has taken her to great heights in her endeavors.

The ‘Gotta Hit the Gaps’ Theory

During Viv Richards’ interview, he was asked about his playing style, and he explained how it’s all about hitting the gaps. “It isn’t about hitting the face, man,” he said. “That’s boring. If you want to go, make sure you go to the left, to the right. And in order to do that, sometimes you’ll make a little room for yourself. Go over extra cover.”

Masaba Applies the Theory in Business

Masaba Gupta takes inspiration from her dad’s cricket theory and applies it to running her business. Instead of going the straightforward path that everyone takes, she tries to hit the gaps. “Sometimes, the normal things can be boring,” she says. “If you want people to come, and if you want to put bums on seats, man, it can’t be hitting the ball straight.”

Masaba’s Gushing Over Her Dad

Earlier this year, on Viv Richards’ 71st birthday, Masaba shared a special note for her father, along with two photos from her post-wedding party that was held in January. She wrote, “Happy Birthday Dad. You did good. WE did so good. And I cannot wait to show you everything I will do next without any fear.”

Masaba’s Endeavors

Masaba Gupta is the founder of the design label House Of Masaba, a favorite of Bollywood stars Sonam Kapoor, Rani Mukerji, and Kareena Kapoor, among others. She is also an actor and has made her debut with the Netflix show Masaba Masaba, in which she stars alongside her mother, Neena Gupta.

Masaba is known for her bold and edgy designs, and with her dad’s cricket theory, she has found the perfect formula to keep hitting it out of the park.

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