“Unbelievable! Dua takes the crown for most charming insult towards Hina and Haider in Rabb Se Hai Dua 18th May 2023 episode – You won’t believe what she said!”

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Dua Stands Up to Hina

The latest episode of Rabb Se Hai Dua has left fans stunned as Dua finally stands up to Hina. Here’s a breakdown of what happened:

Scene 1
Dua shouts at Hina to stop being cruel with her otherwise she won’t spare her.

  • Hina asks her to leave the house.
  • Dua says she won’t leave because it’s her father who helped them build the house.
  • She points out that Haider used to work odd jobs and her father taught him everything he knows.
  • Dua reminds Hina that she was the one who raised Ruhaan, Noor, and Kaynaat as a mother.
  • She takes credit for making the house a heaven and challenges Hina to see how Gazal turns it into a hell.
  • Hina tells the family to stop Dua, she is cursing the house to become a hell.
  • Rahat says they are ashamed and can’t stop her.
  • Gazal asks Haider to speak up, but he says to let it be.
  • Hina cries, and Dua tells her to stop doing drama.
  • Hina asks Haider to speak up for his mother, but Dua says he can’t because he broke her life and her dreams.
  • Dua points out that Hina cried over her husband bringing another wife but is laughing at Dua’s pain.
  • She challenges Haider to take Hina’s side, and if he does, she’ll be convinced he’s lost his self-respect too.
  • Dua says that Hina taught her to always wear a dupatta because it’s a woman’s respect, but the real respect of a woman is not in a dupatta but in her heart.
  • She takes off her dupatta from her head and says she will live on her terms from now on.

The Aftermath
Hina is horrified, and Haider is shocked.

  • Rahat tells Hina that her hatred changed Dua like this.
  • Hamida says Dua has won the first fight and asks the band to play.
  • Gazal tells Dua how dare she insult Hina and Haider but Dua smirks and says she wants Haider to become hers so she doesn’t have to wish for a disloyal man like him.

Dua’s actions have left everyone in shock, and it seems like things are only going to get more intense from here. Fans are eagerly waiting for the next episode to see what happens next.

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