“Unbelievable! Bindiya Runs Away from Her Forced Marriage and Marries Her Soul Mate, You Won’t Believe Who It Is!”

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Suhaagan 19th May 2023: Bindiya Runs Away Again

Bhim Tired of Dealing with Bindiya

The episode starts with Bhim expressing his frustration to Phoolwati about dealing with Bindiya. Phoolwati advises him to handle Bindiya as she hasn’t signed the papers yet. But as soon as Bhim turns around, he sees Bindiya standing there.

Payal’s Shampoo Bath

Meanwhile, Payal is happy after taking a bath with shampoo. But when Rekha finds out that Payal used half the bottle of shampoo, she scolds her. Madan comes to the rescue and convinces Rekha to forgive Payal.

Emotional Blackmailing For Signatures

Phoolwati emotionally blackmails Amma to sign on the papers. But Amma refuses, stating that the farm belongs to Bindiya and Payal too. The buyer calls again, and Phoolwati asks Amma to sign, but she refuses.

Bhim Searches for Bindiya

Bhim runs after Bindiya as she runs away. Bindiya eventually hides in a basket, while Bhim keeps looking for her. Phoolwati calls Bhim and asks him to make sure that Bindiya doesn’t come in her way.

Payal’s Outing

Rekha and Madan take Payal for an outing, but they leave without Bindiya and Amma. Rekha emotionally blackmails Payal into having noodles before they leave.

Bindiya Takes the Bus

Bindiya asks the bus driver to let her ride on the bus, but he refuses because she doesn’t have any money. She offers him candy floss, and he agrees to let her ride. Bhim also gets on the same bus, looking for Bindiya.

Episode Ends

As Bhim gets on the bus, he finds Bindiya’s bottle and realizes she’s on the bus. Bindiya is on top of the bus, and Bhim calls her out.

The episode ends with Bhim and Bindiya on the bus, heading towards their next adventure.

  • Phoolwati blackmails Amma for signatures
  • Payal is scolded for using shampoo
  • Bindiya hides in a basket
  • Rekha emotionally manipulates Payal into eating noodles
  • Bhim and Bindiya on a bus ride together

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