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Sudipta Sen’s ‘The Kerala Story’ breaks records at the box office

A controversial movie that surpassed all controversies

The Bengali film ‘The Kerala Story’ directed by Sudipta Sen has set a new box office record despite controversies surrounding the film. Starring the Bollywood actress Adah Sharma, the movie has already earned more than 200 crore at the box office. The story revolves around the life of a woman from Kerala who had to struggle against religious forces trying to confine her beliefs. Even the ISI was forced to intervene in the matter.

Here are some key highlights of the movie and its success:

  • ‘The Kerala Story’ is based on a true event that took place in Kerala.
  • The movie faced a ban in West Bengal initially, but it was later given the clearance by the Supreme Court for screening.
  • This movie has not been screened in every part of Bengal, but it has gained huge popularity in the Bankura district.
  • Almost all BJP ruled states have banned this movie, citing that it has political motives.
  • ‘The Kerala Story’ has received worldwide recognition and has been screened in many parts of the world including the USA, Canada and Australia.
  • Adah Sharma, who plays the lead role in the movie, has received critical acclaim for her acting, and has previously starred in other popular movies such as ‘1920’ and ‘Commando’.

A new controversy regarding Adah Sharma’s contact details

Recently, an Instagram user allegedly shared the contact details of Adah Sharma on the social media platform. The user also threatened to reveal her phone number, leading to grave concerns for the actress. Though the police have filed a case regarding this issue, the Instagram account in question is yet to be found.

Despite all the controversies, ‘The Kerala Story’ has managed to captivate audiences both domestically and internationally. It has also become a massive commercial success, surpassing all records set by Bengali movies in recent years.

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