“Surprise! Bekaaboo Part 2 is Here and You Won’t Believe What Zain, Shivangi, Karan, Mohsin and PreeJun Are Up To!”

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Bekaaboo…Uncontrolled Love…Part 2

In the previous episode, we saw how Kavya and Ashwat developed a close friendship after she called him randomly for relief. However, Kavya’s life takes a sudden turn when her neighbour Adarsh proposes to her for marriage, leaving her confused and upset.

Yamini clarifies her intentions:
In the latest development, Kavya’s brother, who was upset with his sister for scolding him, apologizes to her after a heart-to-heart conversation with Yamini. She clarifies that she wants him to focus on his work for their financial security in the future. The brother understands her intentions and reconciles with her.

Kavya’s engagement:
However, Kavya’s happiness is short-lived as she discovers that her parents have fixed her engagement with Adarsh after his parents proposed to them, stating that the couple loves each other. Kavya, who was unaware of this, is left in a state of shock and confusion.

Kavya confides in Ashwat:
Unable to cope with this news, Kavya calls Ashwat and seeks his advice. Ashwat, who is excited to hear from her, congratulates her on the news, which leaves Kavya surprised. However, Kavya reveals her feelings for Ashwat, which he reciprocates but is hesitant to pursue given their financial differences.

Kavya meets Ashwat:
Despite Ashwat’s reservations, Kavya decides to meet him, and they plan to recognize each other using their phones. However, to her surprise, Kavya meets the same boy, Pratham, whom she saw playing the drum in the park a few days ago, posing as Ashwat.

Kavya’s life takes a sudden turn, leaving her confused and conflicted about her engagement and her feelings for Ashwat. Will she be able to find a way out of this situation? Stay tuned for the next episode of Bekaaboo…Uncontrolled Love.

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