“Sudha Murthy’s stunning revelations on her favourite Bollywood heroes will leave you absolutely underwhelmed!”

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The Kapil Sharma Show Features Three Remarkable Women

The Kapil Sharma Show is a popular reality program that never fails to deliver laughter and entertainment to its audience. Kapil Sharma and his team ensure that every episode is unique and engaging, with amusing anecdotes from both the guests and the host.

On its most recent episode, three outstanding women from different professions graced the show. Oscar-winning producer Guneet Monga, well-known author and philanthropist Sudha Murthy, and talented actress Raveena Tandon shared the stage with Kapil and his crew. The ladies’ presence added to the show’s charm and kept the audience thoroughly entertained throughout.

Sudha Murthy’s Bollywood Movie Challenge

One of the highlights of the episode was Sudha Murthy’s revelation about her love for Bollywood films and her favorite Bollywood hero. She shared an amusing anecdote of accepting a friend’s challenge to watch one movie every day while living in Pune. To everyone’s surprise, she completed the challenge and watched 365 movies in a year! When asked about her favorite actor, the legendary Dilip Kumar took the top spot.

Shah Rukh Khan: The Only Actor to Match Dilip Kumar

Sudha Murthy claimed that Shah Rukh Khan is the only actor who can come close to matching Dilip Kumar’s proficiency in conveying strong emotions. According to her, Dilip Kumar has an unparalleled capacity to express powerful feelings, and Shah Rukh Khan is the only one who can perform those kinds of emotions. She even suggested that if Dilip Kumar were still alive, he would have starred in Veer Zara.

Sudha Murthy’s Appreciation for Salman Khan’s Innocence on Screen

Sudha Murthy also praised Salman Khan for his ability to express a child’s innocence on screen. She reminisced about his portrayal of the character in Bajrangi Bhaijaan and highlighted his skill in delivering a touching and heartwarming performance.

Sudha Murthy’s passion for Bollywood became even more apparent when she sang her favorite song, “Do Lafzon Ki Hai Dil Ki Kahani,” with Kapil Sharma. Her enthusiasm and love for music added to the show’s warm and charming atmosphere.

In conclusion, The Kapil Sharma Show never fails to deliver entertainment to its audience. The recent episode featuring Guneet Monga, Sudha Murthy, and Raveena Tandon was no exception. With hilarious anecdotes, heartwarming moments, and fascinating guests, The Kapil Sharma Show promises to keep us entertained in the weeks to come.

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