“Stop the Presses! Sargun Mehta Reveals Shocking Response to Junooniyatt Cancellation Rumors and You Won’t Believe What She Said!”

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Producer Sargun Mehta Denies Rumors of Junooniyatt Going Off-Air

Actress Sargun Mehta, who is also the producer of the hit TV show Junooniyatt, has recently reacted to rumors that the show is about to go off-air. In a recent interview, she denied the speculations and assured fans that the show is here to stay.

Positive Feedback and Dedication from Cast

Mehta, who produces the show along with her husband, actor Ravie Dubey, stated that Junooniyatt is a unique concept that is being appreciated by audiences. She added that the cast, which includes Ankit Gupta, Neha Rana, and Gautam Singh Vig, is hardworking and dedicated to the show.

Keeping the Audience Engaged with Big Twists

Mehta also expressed gratitude for the positive feedback the show has been receiving from viewers. She promised that the team will continue to work harder to keep the audience engaged and entertained. In addition, she revealed that a big twist is in the offing, which she is sure will be loved by fans.

The Plot of Junooniyatt

The show revolves around the love triangle between Neha Rana’s Ilahi Dosanjh, an aspiring singer; Jordan, a megastar rapper; and Ankit Gupta’s Jahaan Mehta, the singer’s lover, who is making his way through the competitive world of music.

Junooniyatt has gained a loyal following since it first aired. It has captured the hearts of viewers with its unique concept and powerful performances by its cast. Fans are definitely excited to see what the big twist holds for their beloved characters.

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