“Stop the Presses! Radha Mohan Communicates with the Dead in Latest Episode!”

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Radha Mohan 19th May 2023 Written Episode: Radha Struggles to Survive

In the latest episode of Radha Mohan, Radha finds herself trapped under a shelf, struggling to survive. Meanwhile, Tulsi asks Tulsi if she remembers anything about her death, as it is crucial for her to know the truth. Here’s a breakdown of the latest events in the show:

Sub-Heading: Tulsi Tries to Save Radha

  • Tulsi explains to Radha that she cannot leave her family and vows to not let her get trapped between this life and the next one.
  • She recalls all the beautiful moments Radha shared with Mohan and Gungun, causing a frame of them to appear in front of Radha, who finally stops struggling.
  • Tulsi pleads with Radha, reminding her of her responsibilities towards Mohan and Gungun.
  • Radha remembers the vows she made to Gungun, Mohan, and her responsibility towards them, realizing she cannot leave them without a mother.

Sub-Heading: Mohan Blames Radha

  • Mohan blames Radha for creating drama and trying to force him to come back to the office.
  • Kadambari refuses to believe it, but Mohan mentions Radha’s previous actions in the wedding.
  • Mohan still refuses to believe Radha’s disappearance is real, claiming she will come back after a while.
  • Gungun pleads with Mohan to bring back Radha, reminding him of how much Radha cares for them both.

Sub-Heading: Radha Fights the Light

  • Radha struggles with the light in the spirit realm, warning that she will not go anywhere.
  • Tulsi reveals that only Ishwar can stop his decisions, and she will have to talk to him.
  • Radha starts reciting the Mantar, causing weather changes that worry Kadambari.
  • Mohan realizes that Radha is not fine and calls out to her, while Radha hears his voice in the spirit realm.

In conclusion, the latest episode of Radha Mohan focuses on Radha’s struggles to survive and Tulsi’s efforts to save her. Mohan’s blame-game and Gungun’s plea for Radha’s return add a dramatic touch to the show.

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