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Junooniyat: Can Jahaan Protect His Love For Ilahi from Jordan’s Clutches?

Ilahi Cooks Food and Plans to Meet Jahaan

In the latest episode of Junooniyat, we saw Ilahi cooking food for her family while thinking about Jahaan. She later packs a tiffin for her friends and sets out to meet Jahaan. On her way, she meets Jordan, who is hurt and still obsessed with winning Ilahi’s heart. Jordan even confesses to Mahi that he loves Ilahi and blames Jahaan for taking her away from him.

Jahaan and Ilahi’s Sweet Reunion

Ilahi reaches the bus stand and waits for Jahaan. He surprises her by booking the entire bus and decorates it with flowers and balloons. The two express their love for each other and enjoy their time together.

Jordan’s Desperation Grows

Meanwhile, Jordan finds out about Jahaan and Ilahi’s reunion and vows to win Ilahi back. He confronts Ilahi and tries to convince her that Jahaan is cheating on her. However, Ilahi remains loyal to Jahaan and slaps Jordan when he tries to hold her against her will.

Jahaan and Jordan Square Off

In the preview of the next episode, we see Jahaan and Jordan getting into a fight. Jordan is determined to make Ilahi his, while Jahaan is equally determined to protect his love for her. Who will win this battle for Ilahi’s heart?

Stay tuned to Junooniyat to find out!

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