“Stop the presses! Faltu 19th May 2023 Written Episode Update: You won’t believe what Faltu manages to accomplish!”

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“Janardhan’s Health Worsens, Ayaan Gets Ill in Lockup, and Faltu is Determined to Help Them”

The latest episode of Faltu aired on May 19th, 2023, showed the anxiety Faltu has been going through with the ongoing family feud while also taking care of Janardhan and Ayaan’s health issues. Here are the details:

Janardhan’s Health Deteriorates

  • Doctor examines Janardhan and advises the family to keep him stress-free.
  • Faltu makes soup for Janardhan and takes care of him.
  • Ayesha argues with Faltu, blaming her for their family troubles.
  • Ayesha requests Faltu to let them live in peace and not play with their child’s future.

Ayaan’s Illness in Lockup

  • Ayaan has stomach infection in lockup and feels sick.
  • Faltu meets Ayaan and assures him that she will get him out soon.
  • Inspector agrees to let Ayaan eat homemade food provided by Faltu.

Faltu’s Determination

  • Faltu informs Akshay about the important meeting scheduled for the day.
  • Faltu tries to find out the person buying the company to prove Ayaan’s innocence.
  • Faltu asks Akshay to follow Ruhaan’s manager and lawyer to get information about his office and house.
  • Tanu meets Ayaan and informs him that the family has to vacate the house in two weeks.

Faltu is determined to help her family and proves it by providing support to Janardhan and Ayaan. She also works tirelessly to prove Ayaan’s innocence and help him get out of lockup. However, will she be able to find proof of Ayaan’s innocence and save their family from Tanisha’s evil plans?

In the next episode, we will see Ruhaan, who slaps the guard and warns the inspector to find his sister. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

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