“Stop everything and hold onto your hats: Karan Vohra and wife Bella AREN’T having just one baby, but TWO whole bundles of joy!”

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Imlie actor Karan Vohra and wife Bella expecting twins

The lead actor of popular television show Imlie, Karan Vohra, is all set to embrace fatherhood with his wife Bella expecting twins. The couple, who decided to plan their family during the lockdown, is due in June.

Double bonanza for Karan Vohra

In a recent interview, Karan Vohra shares his excitement on the news of expecting twins and bagging the lead role in Imlie within a week of each other. He says, “It was a great moment for me on both personal and professional fronts. It was like a double bonanza.”

Planning family during lockdown

The lockdown gave Karan Vohra an opportunity to spend quality time with his family and decide to plan their family. He added, “We just didn’t think of it before that. I was in Mumbai, and my wife was in Delhi. We decided to plan our family during the lockdown.”

Cherishing every moment

Karan Vohra misses being away from his wife and babies while in Mumbai for work. He plans to bring his family to Mumbai two months after the delivery to cherish every growing moment of their babies. He says, “I am very excited about seeing Bella’s happiness. At times, I feel helpless because I can’t be with her to see them growing and kicking. I can’t wait to see and hold them.”

Baby shower for Bella

The couple recently hosted a baby shower for Bella in Delhi, which got delayed by a month due to Karan Vohra’s hectic schedule. The event was a big hit with blessings and celebrations shared by all.

Karan Vohra and Bella’s news of expecting twins has brought joy to their fans and well-wishers. The couple eagerly awaits the arrival of their little ones, ready to take on their new roles as parents.

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