“Shocking Twist in Udaariyaan: Sartaj and Ekam Rediscover Their Love for Bullying – Don’t Miss Out!”

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Udaariyaan 21st May 2023 Written Episode Update: Ekam and Nehmat Saved

The latest episode of Udaariyaan saw an unexpected turn of events as Ekam and Nehmat fell unconscious in the cold storage. Here’s a breakdown of what happened:

Naaz’s Plan Fails

Naaz watches as Ekam and Nehmat collapse in the cold storage, realizing that her plan to harm them has failed.

The Duo is Saved

Sartaj saves the duo and brings them home, much to the relief of Renuka and the rest of the family.

Nehmat’s Suspicions

As Nehmat recovers, she realizes that Jasmin did not lock them up but instead Naaz was behind it.

Naaz’s Hidden Motives

As Naaz taunts Harleen about Nehmat’s ulterior motives, Harleen vows to find out the truth behind Naaz’s schemes.

A Family Quarrel

Tensions rise as Harleen and Naaz engage in a heated argument about Nehmat’s role in the family.

Jasmin’s Revelation

Jasmin reveals that Nehmat is not as innocent as she seems and that she was responsible for ruining Ekam.

Sartaj’s Intervention

Sartaj intervenes and warns Jasmin to stay away from their family’s matters, stating that she has nothing to gain by interfering.

A Family Meal

The family comes together for a meal, and Sartaj, Harleen, and Ekam tease Naaz with poetry and jokes.

Naaz’s Plan Continues

Despite the family’s happiness, Naaz vows to continue with her plans and cause trouble for the family.

In the end, the episode ends on a cliffhanger, leaving the audience eager to see what happens next in Udaariyaan.

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