“Shocking Twist: Grandpa and his Five Granddaughters are NOT the Only Ones Living in That House! You Won’t Believe Who’s Moving in with Them!”

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“Biyer Ful” Season 2 Promo Unveils a Delightful Twist

The hit Bengali TV series “Biyer Ful” has released its Season 2 promo, leaving the audience in awe with its delightful twist. The first promo had already caught everyone’s attention by featuring a female boxing champion, who questioned why women should only focus on household chores. Now, the second promo has added another captivating element to the series, as seen below.

A New Promising Twist

The Season 2 promo unveils the return of the beloved on-screen couple Nabanita Das and Raja Goswami. The famous Bengali TV series “Chhadmabeshi” was their last appearance together, and now, after several years, they team up once again for “Biyer Ful”.

But wait, there’s more. The promo reveals a grand twist where an old man, holding five threads, takes an oath in front of the house full of bachelors, declaring that no woman has entered or will enter his house in the future. The audience is left curious, wondering why such a decision was made.

New Characters to Add to the Mix

Along with the on-screen reunion of Nabanita and Raja, the promo also introduces two new female characters, who fall in love with the two male protagonists, Sornokumar and Arkumarak. Sornokumar’s character is portrayed by Raja Goswami, while Nabanita Das plays the role of the woman who loves him. The screen chemistry of the duo had already received public admiration during their time on “Chhadmabeshi”. On the other hand, the character of Arkumarak has yet to reveal his love interest.

Audience Reactions

The audience was delighted to see such an engaging promo and series. However, some viewers expressed disappointment, stating that such unique concepts often do not receive much recognition compared to other mainstream TV series.

One viewer wrote, “Such concepts should be aired on Star Jalsha or Zee Bangla. They deserve more recognition, just like ‘No 1’ on Colors, ‘Phire Ashar Gaan’ or even ‘Sohag Chand’. It is unfortunate that more people are not aware of such content.”

Final Thoughts

Despite the mixed responses, the Season 2 promo of “Biyer Ful” has undoubtedly piqued the curiosity of its audience, leaving them eagerly anticipating the new season’s release. It seems like the new season will not disappoint and will continue to offer the audience unique and captivating storylines.

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