“Shocking: Shoaib Ibrahim Reveals the Truth Behind Wife Dipika Kakar’s ‘Fake’ Pregnancy Rumors – You Won’t Believe What He Has to Say!”

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Shoaib Ibrahim Defends Wife Dipika Kakar Against Pregnancy Trolls

Shoaib Ibrahim, actor and husband of Sasural Simar Ka actress Dipika Kakar, has spoken out against social media trolls who have been attacking and accusing her of faking her pregnancy. In a recent interview, Shoaib revealed how Dipika, who is known for her homely and family-oriented nature, has been subjected to criticism and ridicule online.

Trolls Accuse Dipika of Faking Pregnancy

Shoaib expressed his frustrations with the trolls who have been attacking his wife’s pregnancy, claiming it to be fake. He shared how some people have been commenting on her social media posts, calling her pregnancy pillow-filled and questioning her changing Takiye (pillow) size.

“We can’t do anything about them because their mindset is such. We don’t bother anymore. We are very happy as a family. If people stop loving us even then we will stay happy together,” Shoaib said in the interview.

Simple Life, Simple Minded?

Shoaib also addressed the criticism against Dipika’s simple lifestyle. He defended her down-to-earth approach and shared how her anxious phase after Bigg Boss made her prioritize taking care of their family over her career.

“Dipika is like the way you see her and she was the same in the Bigg Boss house but some people don’t accept it,” Shoaib explained. “They feel after being a celebrity how can a person be so down-to-earth and homely? How can she not wear glamorous clothes, not attend parties, is not outgoing, but they don’t understand she is like that as a person.”

Rising Above Trolls

Despite the negative comments, Shoaib and Dipika are choosing to rise above the trolls and focus on their happiness as a family. “We give a glimpse of our personal life to the audience but we don’t show everything. We might not be seen on social media but we as a family will always be together and happy,” Shoaib shared.

While acknowledging that trolling affects them, Shoaib chooses to view it as a sign of growth. “The culture of social media is now to troll people instead of praising them. Yes, it definitely affects Dipika and me,” he said.


Shoaib Ibrahim’s defense of his wife Dipika Kakar against pregnancy trolls and criticism of her simple lifestyle sends a strong message against cyberbullying. It highlights the importance of prioritizing happiness as a family over the opinions of strangers on social media.

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