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Child Artists in Bangla TV Series to Get Breaks During Shooting

The ongoing Bangla TV series have been keeping child artists busy for more than 9 hours a day, causing them to lose their childhood. However, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has come forward to issue guidelines for child artists to provide them with the necessary breaks during shooting.

No More Than 3 Hours of Continuous Shooting

According to the guidelines, child artists can now only be involved in shooting for a maximum of 3 hours at a stretch, after which they must be given breaks to rest and refresh themselves. No more than 5 hours of shooting can be scheduled for child artists in a day.

Ensuring Proper Environment for Child Artists

The guidelines also stipulate that child artists must be provided with a safe and appropriate working environment on set to ensure they are not affected negatively by anything around them. The commission has also advised producers to avoid scheduling any shoots during the child artists’ school hours.

Child Artists in Popular TV Series

Several popular TV series in Bangladesh currently feature child artists, including “Anurager Chhoya”, “Mithai”, “Kamala Shriman and Prithviraj”, “Panchami”, “Gouri Elo” and “Horgauri Pays Hotel”. Among them, “Anurager Chhoya” tops the list of viewership with its two lead child artists, Sona and Rupa.

More Time for Rest and Play

With the new guidelines in place, child artists in Bangla TV series can now enjoy more time for rest and play, which is necessary for their overall development. The move by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has been widely appreciated by industry professionals and viewers alike.

Let us hope that this initiative can help provide a better working environment for child artists and enable them to enjoy their childhood along with their creative pursuits.

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