“Shocker! Vikram and Anurag Kashyap Engage in Twitter War Over Kennedy Response!”

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South Star Vikram Clears Air on Anurag Kashyap’s Allegations

Anurag Kashyap recently claimed that Vikram, whose real name is Kennedy John Victor, did not respond to his call for the title role in his upcoming film Kennedy. However, Vikram took to Twitter to shed some light on the issue and put all rumors and misunderstandings to rest.

Sub-heading: Vikram’s clarification on Anurag’s allegations

In a lengthy Twitter note, Vikram explained that he called Kashyap immediately after he got to know that the director was trying to get in touch with him for the much-talked-about project. Vikram’s response came as a surprise to many as Kashyap had claimed that the South superstar did not respond to his calls or messages.

Paragraph: Vikram’s response to Kashyap’s allegations

Vikram clarified that he had not received any mail or message from Kashyap as the mail id that the director had contacted him on was no longer active, and his phone number had changed almost two years before that. After he learned about the director’s attempt to contact him, Vikram personally called Kashyap to clear the air and explain that he wanted to work with him and was looking forward to the project.

Bullet points:

  • Vikram personally called Anurag Kashyap to clear the air right after he found out that the director had tried to reach out to him.
  • Vikram explained that he had not received any message from Kashyap as the mail id used by the director was no longer active and his phone number had changed almost two years before that.
  • Vikram expressed his excitement for Kashyap’s film, which now has his name, and wished him great success for his future projects.
  • Anurag Kashyap, who is attending the Cannes Film Festival, has cast Rahul Bhat as the lead in Kennedy after Vikram’s alleged non-response.
  • Kennedy is a film that follows a corrupt police force and features Sunny Leone in a major role.


With Vikram’s response, it is clear that there was some misinformation or misunderstanding that led to the controversy. However, the issue has been resolved and there seems to be no animosity between the two artists. It’s encouraging to see artists resolving misunderstandings in a professional and calm manner.

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