“Shocker: Shah Rukh Khan actually makes a cancer-stricken woman’s wish come true!”

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Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan fulfils cancer-stricken fan’s last wish with a 30-minute video call

Popular Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan has once again proved that he has a heart of gold. The superstar recently fulfilled the last wish of a cancer-stricken female fan by making a video call and speaking to her for about 30 minutes.

The heartwarming incident took place in Kolkata, where Shivani Chakraborty, a 60-year-old cancer patient, has been battling the disease for many years. Her daughter, Priya Chakraborty, who is based in Kolkata, started a campaign on Twitter to fulfil her mother’s last wish – to see Shah Rukh Khan before she passes away.

Here are some key highlights of this touching story:

Shah Rukh Khan’s last wish fulfilment:

  • Priya Chakraborty’s mother, Shivani, has been suffering from cancer for many years.
  • Her condition has been deteriorating, and she expressed a desire to see Shah Rukh Khan before she passes away.
  • Her daughter Priya started a campaign on Twitter to make her wish come true.

Shah Rukh Khan’s response to the campaign:

  • Shah Rukh Khan, who has many fans around the world, responded to the campaign and requested an opportunity to meet Shivani before it’s too late.
  • Finally, Shah Rukh Khan fulfilled her last wish by making a 30-minute video call to her.

Touching moments of the video call:

  • Shivani spoke to Shah Rukh Khan for about 30 minutes through the video call.
  • Shah Rukh Khan prayed for her full recovery and read Dua for her mother.
  • The two shared some emotional moments during the call, which were captured and shared on social media.

Fans are happy:

  • Fans of Shah Rukh Khan are overjoyed to hear about this touching incident, which shows the actor’s humane side.
  • Many fans have commented on social media, praising Shah Rukh Khan for his kindness and generosity.

It’s heartwarming to see how celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan are using their fame and power to make a positive impact in people’s lives. This incident shows that a small act of kindness can go a long way in making someone’s day, and perhaps even their life.

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